Stoner metal denizens Red Fang drink beer, rock hard, enjoy life hardest

Take a 13-hour drive southeast to Portland and there are rivers of Kombucha, an actual functioning public transportation system, weather marginally less hostile to human life, excellent craft beers and stoner metal quartet Red Fang.

The four-piece band formed in the city in 2005 and return there when their busy touring schedule permits. Combining the better parts of mid-career Mastodon at the cusp of their turn to prog, the heavier and faster parts of Queens of the Stone Age, and High On Fire with the fat trimmed, their songs max out at five minutes. In the nine years since their inception, they’ve played dream-come-true gigs with their spiritual forefathers in Orange Goblin and Kyuss Lives!, and after they touch down in Calgary for a two nights of sold out gigs at the Palomino, they start a tour with Swedish death-metal institutions In Flames and Opeth. Times are undeniably good.