Review: Goat Semen – Ego Svm Satana

Some bands you can’t simply listen to, but must imbibe, must drink down deep within, to sample with each of the senses. Friends, I want you to taste Goat Semen.

The Peruvian quartet have spent the past decade working on Ego Svm Satana, most likely because if your debut album is going to declare in Latin that you are in fact Satan, then you’d better have the songs to back that up. Goat Semen do. With Ego Svm Satana, Goat Semen has released a perfect blackened death metal record. Goat Semen’s guitars sound like chainsaws on every tree in the Amazon, the drums create a horrifying wall of static broken by the sounds of medieval warfare, the vocals are turned up high enough in the mix that you can fully comprehend the ugliness that the human voice is capable of. This is an album (by Goat Semen) in which the sounds of air-raid sirens and gunfire are your brief moment of respite.

I trust that you can look beyond the name (because I clearly can’t) and give Goat Semen the respect they’ve been working for since 2002.