Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Interview: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

CALGARY — TAD come up, when they come up at all, as an anomaly among Seattle’s grunge bands, more inspired by ‘70s metal than punk. Among Sub Pop Records’ first signees, the band was extremely active. Between 1989 to 1995 they released six albums, but disbanded in 1999 following a string of bizarre events: getting sued by Pepsi for alleged copyright infringement, getting sued by a born again Christian for depicting them topless (with their consent), and getting dropped by a label following a poster depicting then-president Bill Clinton smoking a joint. The band’s frontman Tad Doyle formed another band, Hog Molly, releasing one record before breaking up.

After that, Doyle went on a 15-year hiatus, relocating from rainy Seattle to San Diego, marrying and putting music behind him.

“I was just relaxing and enjoying my life,” Doyle says. “I did a lot of soul searching and pretty much wrote off music. I was OK with never playing music again.”

The feeling changed.

“I heard ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath on the radio and it bought me to tears,” he explains. “I knew I had to start playing again and that’s what started Brothers.”



Heavydeath - Eternal Sleepwalker

Album Review: Heavydeath – Eternal Sleepwalker

If Necro Death Mort ever break up, Swedes Heavydeath will ascend to their rightful place as the least subtly named metal band on the planet. Until then they’ll have to settle for being one of the heaviest.

There are a lot of doom and stoner bands who can play slow and sludgy, fewer who’ll work on their guitar and bass sound to the point that it can be felt in your guts. Heavydeath are willing to let the clarity of their riffs fall into a gaping low-frequency void. Their take on doom is less slowed down death metal than sped-up Sunn 0))). Even their guttural, accented English lyrics recall Atilla Csihar’s vocals on Monoliths and Dimensions.

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