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The Vile Creature Interview

I talk to Vile Creature, an Ontarian blackened-sludge duo whose new album Cast of Static and Smoke also comes with a short story written by the band. So it’s like writing and metal. Which is what this show’s about. We also talk about roller derby, cookies, being sticky, online dating, Ursula K Le Guin, complicated metallurgy-based fantasy series, anti-oppressive politics, pets and Welsh racial identity.

You can listen to Vile Creature on Bandcamp: https://vilecreature.bandcamp.com/

And buy Cast of Static and Smoke when it’s released on March 7th on Halo of Flies.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Dolphin Sex Bitcoin (Alissa Nutting’s Made For Love)

THE FIRST PODCAST TO BE ENTIRELY ENCODED IN THE CRYPTO-BLOCKCHAIN OF BITCOIN, but is also about sex with dolphins, so there’s no reason to not give me all of your money. I’ll talk about Alissa Nutting (@alissanutting)’s book Made For Love, but also Large Adult Sons, prose style, why I had to be graded 69, orgies, molly, bitcoin, dank memes, dolphin sex, Aziz Ansari breaking my heart, initial coin offerings… and I issue more terrorist threats!

Music by Pink Mass: https://pinkmassnj.bandcamp.com/

and Vastum: https://vastum.bandcamp.com/

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Review: Davila 666 – Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos

The only thing wrong with this album is its timing. I needed this in June, when it was finally warm enough to be on the veranda at Julio’s with a Bulldog (a Corona immersed in a margarita, if you haven’t had the pleasure.) The Puerto Rican seven-piece is pure sunshine, but the kind of sunshine that helps you to start drinking at noon.

They cite the Stooges as an influence, but Iggy and his boys were defined by an ugliness and darkness that’s absent here. The Stooges plus pop hooks isn’t The Stooges, and that’s OK, because the results here are beautiful. There’s a fuzz over it all that you won’t have heard since early Elephant Six recordings, and there’s a sense of fun that’s palpable. Their cover of Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone” is pure joy. Pure, unrefined joy that’ll have you wanting to learn Spanish so that you can sing along.

It’s a shame that despite support slots with the Black Keys and King Khan BBQ Show, Davila 666 won’t gain the recognition that they deserve outside of their own country. The Anglosphere has proven remarkably resistant to anybody not singing in English (Phoenix had to ditch French before they could break through.) Don’t be one of those people. You’ve made it to the end of a short review of a Spanish-speaking band, and with a quick Internet search, it’d be easy to just look up one of their live shows on YouTube or listen to an album on Spotify. Listen to it with the heat turned all the way up.


Wordfest: All things literature

A literary culture is one of those really basic elements that make a city livable rather than simply habitable. Good coffee, a thriving gay scene, dog walking parks and the ability for a man to get a close shave with a straight razor from somebody who only speaks Italian are also important, but we’re here to talk about books.

Wordfest has been bringing literature and the people who write it to Calgary, Banff and the Bow Valley for the past 19 years, curating a series of talks and workshops by international writers at venues across the area. Think of it as a quieter Sled Island, and, like a music festival, it’s a mix of essential headline acts and smaller artists who you and a handful of other people will discover buried deep in the event’s program who nonetheless will be life-changingly brilliant.


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