The Chandler Klang Smith Interview Episode

In this interview with the author of the rather good The Sky Is Yours we talk genre, getting published, reading slush piles, dragons, Logan Paul and the CIA cutting holes in your clothes. Just another regular episode of the internet’s most normal podcast!

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‘Clocking People- An Original Idea’ (Moshin Hamid’s Exit West)

On this very special episode, I come up with a far better idea than podcasting: a Youtube series in which an Australian Death Metal vocalist who wears a grandfather clock on his head runs around town headbutting people. Like, really giving it to them. Unfortunately, to get this million dollar original idea (do not steal it) I had to slog through Moshin Hamid’s Exit West, a very bad book. I also talk about portals, firearms, the Turkish assault on Afrin, the Spanish Civil War, why I had to read Roland Barthes eight times instead of Hemmingway, and I reveal the best vocalist in all of extreme music.

Music by Portal:

And the body:

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