A Margot in a World of Roberts

This episode was supposed to be about Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach, but mid-way through reading Cat Person came out and the game changed. We’ll talk about viral fiction (trademarked term, please do not steal), feminism, consent, bad sex, moles, SCUBA diving, and trying to not be a Robert.

Music by Ragana and (https://ragana.bandcamp.com/) and Couch Slut (https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/contempt)

The Handmaid’s Fail (We are DEVO)

Louise Erdrich has won every literary award save for the Nobel over a long and distinguished career… and now she’s written a literary post-apocalypse book that does a lot of what The Handmaid’s Tale did in 1985, only worse and with dinosaurs. We’ll talk Catholicism, indigenous identity, the hashtag-resistance, dinosaurs, guns, the literary post-apocalypse genre that should have began and ended with The Road, dinosaurs, and we’ll reveal the long-suppressed truth about de-evolution!

Music by Jassa (https://jassa1227.bandcamp.com/) and Thantifaxath (https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/void-masquerading-as-matter)

American War (What Is It Good For?)

On the first ever episode of DEATH // SENTENCE, I’ll talk about American War, a buzzed-about novel from war reporter Omar El Akkad about a second American civil war that starts because gasoline gets banned. Really. We’ll cover the book’s confused morality, its over-wrought dialogue, Darth Vader, solar panel efficiency, tailgate parties, bio-terrorismĀ and making the jack-off motion so hard that it removes a layer of skin.

Music from Trenchgrinder (https://trenchgrinder.bandcamp.com/) and Malefic Levitation (https://maleficlevitation.bandcamp.com/)