Heavydeath - Eternal Sleepwalker

Album Review: Heavydeath – Eternal Sleepwalker

If Necro Death Mort ever break up, Swedes Heavydeath will ascend to their rightful place as the least subtly named metal band on the planet. Until then they’ll have to settle for being one of the heaviest.

There are a lot of doom and stoner bands who can play slow and sludgy, fewer who’ll work on their guitar and bass sound to the point that it can be felt in your guts. Heavydeath are willing to let the clarity of their riffs fall into a gaping low-frequency void. Their take on doom is less slowed down death metal than sped-up Sunn 0))). Even their guttural, accented English lyrics recall Atilla Csihar’s vocals on Monoliths and Dimensions.

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Detached Objectives

Calgary post-punk duo Detached Objectives gears up for the ‘Shuttle Launch’

CALGARY — After punk, there was post-punk. Maybe. Post seems to be a prefix used when things are happening that are so eclectic that it’s easier to describe them by what they’re not (see Postmodernism if you want to give yourself a nosebleed.)

Colin Christopher and Slava Nartakhov are Detached Objectives, a name Christopher chose to indicate the pair’s no-nonsense approach, as this project was a departure from both players’ current bands. Long-time fixtures on the Calgary scene (Nartakhov play(ed/s) in the Reckless Heroes, Tekhnotron and others; Christopher runs Dreaming of the Past records, has played in numerous metal bands and regularly plays live with local artists), their origins are more prosaic than their dark, pummeling music would suggest.
“I had a couple of electronic, industrial music projects running but at the time I had started having more interest in this indie-influence, darker post-punk scene and I was just looking for somebody to start a side-project with. Colin and I met up, chatted about music and it turned out that we had a lot in common,” says Nartakhov.

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Enough is Enough

My personal life is my personal life, and this site does not exist to discuss it.

I have an unmoderated comments section because free speech remains a right in this country (and will do so right up until Barry Hussein Obama decides that it might hurt somebody’s feelings), not to gather up a lot of limp-wristed missives about ‘making it through’ and ‘the grieving process’. No PalinforPrez58, I don’t need ‘some time alone to work things out’: while I’m sure that in California* your organic native-American granola collective will give you a good decade of paid ‘personal time’ for chanting, colonic irrigation and all other aspects of ‘personal growth’, here in America we work for a living.

Stick to the issues in the comments section or have them deleted. I’m drawing a line in the sand here.

* As always, criticism of the rogue state of California doesn’t imply criticism of governor Schwarzenegger- it takes a lot to corral forty million fags, gang-bangers and illegals into something resembling civilization.

Posted by Locke September 18 2008

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Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin

Smart, successful, sexy, socially conservative, and the ladies- sorry, womyn of the feminist blogosphere can’t get enough of her. In the last twenty four hours Feministing.com (you’ll forgive me if I don’t link to it) have taken a little time out from their busy schedule (making sure the ads for dildos are prominent enough, cheerleading for Hussein-Obama, planning their next ‘Drink ’till you abort’ happy hour) to write three adorably ill-informed posts about how Palin makes them feel, like, all gross and stuff.

Now, I know that the smart and sassy, independent womyn of Feministing (quote: “I’ll admit it: I find the debate over health care in America incredibly confusing at times. What I do know is pretty simple.”) don’t need no man to tell them what to think, but maybe they’d like to chew this over: maybe the reason y’all are having such trouble with Palin is that she’s never listened to radical leftists telling her that nasty, nasty men put a glass ceiling in her way, so rather than, say, become America’s first female vice president, she should be bitching about how ‘transgender’ perverts have been unfairly left out of the Civil Rights Act over two-for-one margaritas at TGI Fridays. Simply put: she doesn’t need you.

I worry for my daughter, growing up in a country where wailing socialist harpies like Feministing’s castratrix-in-chief Jessica Valenti can get a pat on the head for writing potty mouthed screeds like ‘Full Frontal Feminism’ while a true role model like Gov. Palin is subjected to every slander her ‘sisters’ can think up.

That’s some good solidarity there girls.

Posted by Locke September 17 2008

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Greetings from Soviet America

Apparently Capitalism isn’t good enough any more, so the Federal Government is buying AIG.


In a move aimed at averting a new global economic shock, the US Federal Reserve agreed an unprecedented 85-billion-dollar rescue loan for American International Group. The deal, sealed late Tuesday, saved AIG from collapse and gave the US government a 79.9 percent stake in the insurance behemoth.

Say, since we’ve decided to abandon our principles because a few clans of immigrants can’t get credit on Beverley Hills super-mansions why not snap up that tasty looking healthcare system? It works in Europe, right Michael Moore? (Wrong)

It looks like Khrushchev was right: they’re burying us as we speak.

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David Foster Wallace

I don’t normally do requests, but something about RobertCQuin@missiongossip.com‘s e-mail struck me as a little odd:

Hi Locke – love the site, very witty! Just wondering if you’ve heard the news about the tragic death of David Foster Wallace- one of the most important American writers??? Whats your take on the author and his work???

Why have I not heard of ‘one of the most important American writers’? Having been an American for the last thirty-one years I would have surely come across a novelist and essayist whose suicide got every trendy Liberal website from Salon to Villagevoice to write something other than another two-thousand word reach-around to Hussein-Obama.

Conservapedia has this on him:

David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962 – September 12, 2008) was a professor at Pomona College in Claremont, California, and a writer of both fiction and nonfiction. He is perhaps best known for his 1996 novel Infinite Jest, which was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005.

Born in Ithaca, New York, Wallace was a tennis player and majored in English and philosophy. Aside from writing novels, he wrote short stories in magazines such as Playboy, The Paris Review, The New Yorker and others. Wallace has written some nonfiction. He covered Senator John McCain‘s 2000 Presidential campaign and the September 11, 2001 attacks for Rolling Stone. liberal, he has been a critic of the United States and War on Terrorism. In the November 2007 issue of The Atlantic, he said “Have we become so selfish and scared that we don’t even want to consider whether some things trump safety?” (Emphasis mine)

Wallace committed suicide by hanging on Friday, September 12, 2008 at age 46 because of depression.

The Conservapedia article is barely a stub for a good reason: David Foster Wallace has nothing of any interest to say to anyone who doesn’t share his liberal extremist views. Even if he did I doubt anybody not stoned out of their minds in the Berkeley dorms would be able to understand it. When braving the Darwinist cesspoll Wikipedia for further details I found out not just what he writes (terrorist apologia) but how:

Wallace’s novels often meld writing in various modes or voices, and incorporate jargon and vocabulary (sometimes invented) from a wide variety of fields. He liked to use obscure words and had a self-proclaimed love affair with the Oxford English Dictionary. His prose style features many unusual stylistic devices, from self-generated abbreviations and acronyms to long sentences with many clauses.”

Sounds like garbage, reads like garbage, but don’t let that fool you, it really is garbage.

It wouldn’t be Christian of me to take any joy in one of God’s children taking his own life after years of depression, even if it does mean one less person hating America, but I will say this: Wallace’s life illustrates the dangers of liberalism. Hating the country you were born in, refusing to believe in the God who made you and burying your head in books are not elements of a happy or productive life. Liberalism is to educate whites what gang culture is to coloured communities, leading millions of otherwise happy and productive Americans into drugs and suicide.

The highlighted section above sums up the horrible irony of his life quite succinctly: “Have we become so selfish and scared that we don’t even want to consider whether some things trump safety?” If you turn the question around and ask it of Wallace then you have to answer that yes, he believed that something- his sadness and pain- trumped not only his own life but everything. Tellingly, Wallace didn’t have children. If he did then he would have known that nothing trumps safety.

In happier news, I’ve found a church for Danyelle’s Baptism. The good people of Athens United Methodist Church will be doing the honours. I’m pleased to announce that Alfred Erickson, a close friend from Yale whose support of the Republican party and America in general has been a constant inspiration to me, and his lovely wife Martha have agreed to be little Danyelle’s godparents.

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After everything that’s happened I still maintain that we in the United States of America have the best healthcare system in the world. Bar none.

Posted by Locke September 12 2008

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Growing up under Hussein-Obama

I’m sorry that I haven’t wrote in a while. It’s inexcusable. We are at a vital point in our nation’s history, politically and economically, and there must be voices dissenting against the liberal consensus. There must.

Those of you have have been with this site a while know that I believe in plain speaking, so here it goes: I do not believe that McCain and Palin can win this election.

I believe that they deserve it, that they are the right choice for the nation and that they’ve run a decent, honest campaign. But this is not enough.

The idea of ‘The First Black President’ is too tempting for a nation used to grazing on Jon Stewart, NPR, the New York Times and a defeatist Hollywood. He’s that black friend that every latte-guzzler has, but can’t name. He’s a no effort, no maintenance, fast-food panacea for an invented disease: America’s ‘race problem’. This idea is so widespread, its propagandists so slick and persuasive, that we’ll put somebody with known ties to terrorism into the White House.

I’ll grit my teeth and bear it- I’ve already suffered through a ‘black president’ during the Clinton years. My daughter, on the other hand, is going to grow up in his schools, with his values in every media outlet (mark my words- the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ will come back with a vengeance). Sooner or later we’ll put his face on the dollar bill- somebody will mention that Washington owned slaves and that will be that. I’ll do my best to raise her with American, Christian and, yes, White values, always knowing that it won’t be enough.

Take a look at the abstinence movement, for example. There you have good people doing a good thing for the nation’s youth, with truth, scripture and the Federal government on their side. Yet it doesn’t make a difference- abstinence-only sex-ed doesn’t delay young people giving up their bodies for one second. How can it when Hollywood is pushing its activist agenda on every film screen and television set?

Now, with a Hussein-Obama victory almost certain, socialists the nation over will be coming out of the Humanities department and into positions of power. They’ll come with the conviction that history has proved them right when their new best buddy orders American troops to retreat from Iraq and the economy collapses around our ears. Don’t imagine for a second that they’re not interested in indoctrinating our children, that making them every bit as Godless, strung-out and hopeless as they are isn’t part of their plan. How long before they decide that certain people aren’t fit to raise a child in happy-rainbow America?

Not long.

Posted by Locke September 12 2008

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(untitled post)

I don’t owe you anything. This is a blog about POLITICS. You know nothing about me save what I write here. I don’t need your voyeurism disguised as ‘support’. I am sick of your need to know every. Damn. Detail. Worse than the rubber-neckers are the fucking simpering hippies who want- no need me to ‘grow’ and ‘change’ to validate their sissy worldview.

Why can’t I not need anything? Why is that not allowed? Why is pain not okay?

What happened to me HAPPENED TO ME – you can’t have it.

Posted by Locke August 28 2008

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(untitled post)

My wife is dead. The baby is a girl.

Posted by Locke August 20 2008

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